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Satay Shiitake & Tofu Salad

Satay Shiitake & Tofu Salad
Supergrain, leaf mix, Chop’d apple slaw, Brick Lane tofu & shiitake mushrooms in a satay sauce and crispy onions with sesame seeds, coriander & red chilli and a sesame soy & ginger dressing.


Jerk Chicken
Our famous jerk chicken salad, jerk paste from our friend Clarrisa’s original family recipe, real roast chicken from Essex, roasted sweet potato, juicy roast red pepper and fresh coriander. Finished off with fresh red chilli and our spring leaf mix.

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Eco Pledge

We passionately believe in
sourcing sustainably and responsibly

We are proud to commit to locally sourced food and packaging products, which we believe helps protect the environment we all share. While we’re moving in the right direction, plastic is a reality of modern-day life. Plastic isn’t necessarily bad – it’s reliance on single use plastics that is. Since we started Chop’d in 2004, we’ve been looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use. In 2005 we were the first UK company to use salad bowls with partly recycled material. Since then we have increased this to all our plastic containers. 

In 2018 we were the first retailer in the UK to launch a 100% recycled salad bowl; manufactured in Cambridgeshire. That same year we introduced the ‘keepie’ re-usable salad bowl and, since its introduction, we have saved over 200,000 plastic bowls from ending up in landfill. Since 2004, we have offered a free veg item if customers don’t use a bag. To date, we estimate we have stopped the unnecessary use of over 3.5 million bags.


I promise...

  • We will only sell food that we would be happy to serve to our children that is the same now as it was 16 years ago
  • We’ll always put you first as a customer, and we will always put things right, there and then.
  • We only use suppliers we trust and have the same passion for quality and provenance that we do

  • We commit to being sustainable in every way we can, from our bowls to our bags and everything in between.

Eddie Holmes

Chief Salad Officer, Chop'd