Little Perks

A little something for the planet and a little something for you..  

Since being founded in 2004 sustainability has been at the forefront of our every move. From our bowls to our bags and everything in between, we have always strived to reduce our impact on the planet every way we can. We have previously discussed our eco-pledge where we joined forces with Beat the receipt to reduce our carbon footprint. We continue to take part in the paperless pledge movement, and today we’re discussing some of the ways you can receive exclusive Chop’d discounts by consuming sustainably.  

Falafel and Hummus salad.

We have a few initiatives in store to encourage you to make more sustainable choices when eating with us. The first of which, when you’re creating a tasty salad, let our team know that you wouldn’t like a bag and in return you’ll receive a house topping of choice, with 17 options to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice…  

Our next initiative means that you can get a discounted salad every time you order, the only catch is we ask you to bring your own bowl. I know what you’re thinking and it’s easier than you think. In our stores we sell ‘Keepie’ Bowls, a compact bowl that folds flat for easy storage priced only at £5.

When bringing your own bowl you’ll receive a reward card that is stamped with every visit where every tenth salad is free of charge. If you’re unable to get your hands on our ‘Keepie’ bowl, an alternative option is to bring in a piece of Tupperware that comfortably holds our portion sizes.  

A similar deal is offered with our hot drinks range, bring a reusable coffee cup for an exclusive discount, unfortunately we don’t retail these in our stores at the moment, but we’ve sourced an eco-friendly reusable cup costing only £5.  

Our final initiative can only be used at our store on 70 Mark Lane, near Fenchurch Street. Where we offer loyalty cards, on your third visit a free house topping, your 6th visit a drink of choice, and on your 9th a free main salad/soup or curry.  

To get involved in our sustainability and loyalty initiatives visit your nearest store next time you’re in London.