Our Commitment to Natasha’s Law

Natasha’s Law, also known as the UK Food Information Amendment, came into effect on October 1st of this year and requires food businesses such as ours to provide full ingredient lists and allergen labelling on all food products sold on our premises.

The amendment was put in place in the wake of the tragic death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, who died after suffering an allergic reaction to an undeclared ingredient in a pre-packaged meal. Due to the efforts of a lobbying group led by Natasha’s parents, the government confirmed that stronger laws would be implemented to protect the estimated 1 in 5 of us in the UK with food allergies.

Victoria Healy, Chop’d Operations director said, “At Chop’d, we have always been transparent about what goes into our menu. In fact, we are very proud of the produce and ingredients that we use. Natasha’s Law is now a legal requirement on all PPDS foods (Pre-packed for direct sale). This means that all of our Ready To Go items are now labelled with the full ingredient breakdown and, more importantly, all of the allergens in that item are in bold. This does not replace, but only strengthens, the full allergen training for our staff and the availability of the allergen matrix, that we have in every store and always have done.”

The best way to find out what exactly goes into your Chop’d salads in-store, is to ask one of our team. Our guys are very knowledgeable about what goes into our salads, the allergens present, and the health benefits of those ingredients. They eat the salads every day so they can also advise our customers on the best combinations, of which there are many!

If you prefer to use our website for info, you will be happy to hear that we have our Nutritional Calculator returning. This allows you to tailor-make your salad and gives you a nutritional breakdown of the calories, carbs, fat, etc before you order. Again, we want to be honest with our ingredients which is why we have embraced the introduction of Natasha’s Law and reintroduced the calculator.

To find out more about the UK Food Information Amendment click here.