The New Sustainable Chop’d Uniforms

Since being founded in 2004, our vision has been a world where caring for the environment is part of a business’s DNA. From day one, Chop’d have helped customers make greener choices by rewarding them with free veggies for refusing a bag and encouraging customers to bring reusable containers.

We are now going even further with our eco pledge with the introduction of our new and sustainable Chop’d staff uniforms. We’ve swapped out our old aprons and t-shirts for more eco-friendly alternatives made from 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton.

This means that the cotton our new uniforms are made of has come from a certified organic farm and that the workers who work there are paid fairly for the work they’ve done. These farmers use natural methods to grow cotton by not using fossil-fuel-based fertilisers or hazardous synthetic pesticides, protecting our rivers, lakes, and drinking water.

Furthermore, the inks that we used to print our new uniforms are fully water-based and solvent-free, meaning that they have been approved by the Soil Association in the UK. This means that they have been approved to complement a fully organic textile manufacturing process that reduces the impact that this kind of production process can have on the environment. These are also safer for the wearer as no harmful solvents leak from these when worn and are even safe to use on children’s clothing.

You can find out more about the soil association and the good work they do here. Make sure to stop by one of our restaurants and see first-hand what steps we’re making to reduce our carbon footprint.